This page is for viewing images of the original Kiritsubo, Suma, and Kashiwagi chapters of the Tale of Genji manuscript (LC Control No.:2008427768), held by the Asian Division, Library of Congress. We use original images provided by the Library of Congress.

Clicking on the images below will display the original images in a new window (overlap mode). In the overlap mode, a transliteration of the text can be superimposed over the original images. Moreover, in line-up mode, the original images and the transliteration can be displayed side-by-side. We use ContentsView FLEX for displaying the images.

The images are not identified by folio number or recto/verso but by serial number (image number) from the cover. For example, Kiritsubo fol. 1r is 0005. Click here for a correspondence table of folios with recto/verso and serial numbers.

The original images (JPEG, TIFF, PDF) of the Kiritsubo, Suma, and Kashiwagi chapters can also be downloaded from the Library of Congress website.

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It generally runs on Internet Explorer 9 and 10, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc., as well as on Windows OS devices.

Change Log

2014.10.01 Update Kashiwagi
2014.02.12 Public of Suma, Kashiwagi
2013.10.08 Update Viewer
2013.03.27 Public of Kiritsubo